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People in D.C. got in 'Harry Potter-like queues' for the midnight release of Fire and Fury

After the publisher for Michael Wolff's new White House tell-all, Fire and Fury, pushed up the release date to Friday following a cease-and-desist letter from the president, people scrambled to get their hands on the book. Want to order it on Amazon? You're out of luck — the book is already in backorder as much as "one to two months."

In times like these, you need to turn to brick-and-mortar, which is just what D.C. residents did late Thursday night at the Dupont Circle independent bookstore Kramer's. "Midnight release of Fire and Fury draws dozens to Harry Potter-like queues," one local wrote.

On Friday, Wolff thanked Trump for making his exposé a bestseller. To anyone that has yet to get their hands on a copy — happy hunting. Jeva Lange