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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert asks The Late Show's Melania Trump about the state of her union

For the first time that anyone can remember, the first lady traveled to the State of the Union without the president, Stephen Colbert noted on Wednesday's Late Show. "So the state of our union is strong. The state of their union? It's complicated." He ran through some of the scuttlebutt about Melania Trump's white pantsuit, and her possible anger stemming from President Trump's alleged affair and hush-money payout to Stormy Daniels. "Apparently, the reports of a payoff blindsided the first lady," Colbert said, quoting The New York Times. "Not the sex, the payoff. He never pays anyone."

The first lady also bowed out of Trump's trip to Davos at the last minute, citing "scheduling and logistical issues," fueling speculation of discord. "Of course, scheduling issues — she couldn't go with him because hell hadn't frozen over yet," Colbert joked. Instead she flew to Mar-a-Lago and relaxed at the spa. "She got a Japanese massage, I think it's called shehatesyou," he said. "So, is Melania Trump at the end of her rope? Let's go straight to the source" — in this case The Late Show's Melania Trump stand-in, Laura Benanti.

The Late Show's Melania told Colbert about her outfit, her anniversary presents, why the rumors of Trump's infidelity are "fake news," and how she was "glued to her seat" during Trump's State of the Union speech. "I cannot wait to vote in next presidential election," she said. "For your husband?" Colbert asked. "Oh, of course — unless I have scheduling and logistical issues," she replied. Watch below. Peter Weber