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Super Bowl LII

SNL celebrated the Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl matchup, circa 1775

The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl on Sunday night, beating the favored New England Patriots, and even though they played in Minneapolis, there was a distinctly Early Americana vibe with the two colonial-era powerhouses and their mascots — Patriots and Eagles — facing each other. Saturday Night Live ran with that on Saturday night, pitting the Patriots of New England (including Connecticut!) against the Philadelphia delegation (the "Iggles") at a Revolutionary War council in 1775 Philadelphia.

The Patriots were very excited about their hero, Capt. Thomas Brady, and the Philadelphians were not. "I can tell you something about your precious Capt. Thomas Brady — he's old, okay?" jeered Philly delegate Tina Fey. "He's like 40, that's four years past life expectancy." But the Iggles didn't necessarily have the sympathies of the revolutionary leaders, just because they were meeting in Philadelphia: "If you do win, please, be cool, okay? Just because the British don't burn your city doesn't mean you have to." As 2018's Philadelphians celebrate in the streets, you can pretend you're watching a slice of American history — and watch Natalie Portman try on a Boston accent — below. Peter Weber