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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert wryly underscores Trump's ill-timed bragging about the economy

"Remember when Donald Trump told us we'd be tired of winning?" Stephen Colbert asked on Monday's Late Show. "Well, evidently, the stock market is exhausted. Because after losing 666 points on Friday, Monday said, 'Hold my beer.'" The Dow has erased its gains for the entire year, he said, but that just makes it like the rest of us: "It spent January working on improving itself, then in February said 'F--k it.'" Coincidentally, "this afternoon, Trump was in Cincinnati, where he spoke to factory workers about how great the economy's doing," Colbert noted. "And when he started, that was still true."

But Trump didn't just brag about how he doesn't brag about the great economy — he also glibly accused Democrats of "treason" for not clapping enough at the State of the Union speech, Colbert said, unpersuaded. "Yeah, not clapping for you isn't treason. But don't worry, Mr. President, you could find out the exact definition of treason pretty soon." He also razzed House Speaker Paul Ryan for (briefly) bragging on Saturday about a woman who was surprised she's getting an extra $1.50 a week from the GOP tax law. "Cool!" Colbert said. "Now she's just one historic tax cut away from a bus pass." He wasn't finished. Watch below. Peter Weber