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Late Night Tackles Religion

A Trump religious adviser argues Jesus is your flu shot, and Jimmy Kimmel offers a rebuttal

Gloria Copeland, an evangelical minister who advised President Trump's campaign, "just released a video in which she shares an interesting theory [on] flu season and the flu," Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. He played the video then asked the obvious question it demands: "Jesus is our flu shot?" That's "dumb," he said, because "not only won't it protect you from the flu, now your kids are going to be scared of Jesus, too." The Trump administration distanced themselves from Copeland's comments, "which is rare — usually someone like this they would promote to run the CDC or something," Kimmel joked. And to demonstrate how little support Copeland has on this, Kimmel played more of Copeland's video, this time with a special guest inserted to provide some color commentary.

Kimmel also noted that one of the five people Melania Trump follows on Twitter is "the man her beloved hates most," former President Barack Obama. He said he has not idea why, then showed some DMs the first lady (didn't actually) send Obama. Kimmel decided to dig deeper and uncovered some other interesting follows by people in the Trump orbit.

Finally, Kimmel joined his late-night competitors in urging Trump to ignore his legal counsel and testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller — only Kimmel had the foresight to ask people to clip and tweet only the relevant part of his monologue. Watch below. Peter Weber