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CNN's Chris Cuomo is openly appalled that Trump is 'unmoved' by the evidence against Rob Porter

CNN's Chris Cuomo was openly appalled Monday morning over what he believes is President Trump's partisan way of reacting to allegations of domestic violence and sexual misconduct. Speaking on New Day, Cuomo compared Trump's strong response to a photo of former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) groping a woman while she slept: "The president was disgusted by this picture of obvious groping and assault," Cuomo said. "This was horrible evidence."

Next to the photo of Franken, Cuomo had a picture of former staff secretary Rob Porter's first wife, Colbie Holderness, with a black eye that she claims her ex-husband gave her during a 2005 trip to Florence, Italy. Both Holderness and Porter's second ex-wife, Jenna Willoughby, say Porter physically and verbally abused them.

"The picture on the left is the first wife of Rob Porter," Cuomo said. "This? The president unmoved."

Trump has publicly claimed that Porter is innocent, and predicted that the former staff secretary "will have a great career ahead of him." Republican strategist Alice Stewart jumped in to skewer the president on New Day: "He typically tries to downplay these allegations," she said. "He will defend the men and he will denigrate the women. This is the president's pattern."

She added: "The hard, cold reality is domestic violence and sexual harassment is nonpartisan." Watch the segment below. Jeva Lange