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Kushner's own staff reportedly doesn't want to talk to him anymore

Jared Kushner looks "really beaten down," one senior official told The Washington Post, although that is perhaps to be expected. After losing his top-secret security clearance, facing a number of concerning reports about his family business, and being left by a number of close allies in the White House, even President Trump has allegedly mused it might just be better if his son-in-law and daughter called it quits and returned to their lives in New York City.

Kushner is increasingly isolated in Washington, D.C., with even his staff reportedly trying to avoid him. "Some of his administration colleagues are just more reluctant to have conversations with him or in his company because they're not sure if he's a witness or a target of the [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller investigation," an official said.

Another official likened Kushner's Office of American Innovation to The Onion. "This was once a forum for seeking ideas from the nation's top corporate executives, who served in advisory roles," writes The New York Times, although Kushner's inability to properly staff the office means it has had few victories.

"Jared has faded from the scene," said one executive, who noticed the withdrawal. "People haven't heard much from him in months."