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Late Night Tackles Stormy Daniels

Jimmy Kimmel offers to mediate the escalating fight between Trump and Stormy Daniels

A nor'easter pummeled the Northeast with snow on Wednesday, but "the other storm that is ravaging the East Coast today — specifically Washington, D.C. — is Stormy Daniels," Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. He ran through the latest developments in the alleged extramarital affair the porn star had with President Trump in 2006 and 2007, the confirmed $130,000 that Trump's lawyer paid Daniels to stay quiet, and the new lawsuit Daniels filed against Trump, arguing that the nondisclosure agreement is null because Trump — alias "David Dennison" — never signed it.

Kimmel showed the agreement produced by Daniels' lawyer. "You can see, there's no signature next to the initials DD — and by the way, even his initials have to be double-Ds," he joked. "It's interesting, he remembers to put his name on everything else — water, vodka, steaks, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump — but he has a problem with bills: he doesn't sign them or pay them," apparently even to his own lawyer.

"The money was paid about 10 days before the election, and this is a nice detail: According to The Wall Street Journal, Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen — the one who put up the $130,000 — complained to friends that Trump still hadn't paid him back," Kimmel said. "Who are these people who loan Donald Trump money and think they're getting paid back?" He noted that technically, David Dennison owes Cohen the money, so he may be out of luck, but Kimmel wasn't just throwing spitballs: "I feel like there's so much tension between Stormy Daniels and the president right now, and I hate it when couples fight, so listen guys, if you're willing, I'd be happy to have you both on the show to act as mediator." He would probably have to physically fight off Dr. Phil for that interview/intervention. Peter Weber