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The Church of Scientology's TV network to debut Monday

The Church of Scientology announced Sunday that its television network will debut Monday at 8 p.m. ET, with programing coming from Scientology Media Productions in Hollywood.

The network will be available on DirecTV, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, Fire TV, and scientology.tv, with offerings including Meet A Scientologist, Voices for Humanity, and L. Ron Hubbard: In His Own Voice. On Twitter, the Scientology Network posted a video previewing the channel, including footage of Scientology offices and the e-meter members use during auditing sessions.

The Church of Scientology has been under fire recently, with former member Leah Remini interviewing fellow defectors on her A&E show Scientology and the Aftermath. The church has denied the claims made in her series, including that there is rampant abuse of both children and adults in its ranks.