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Trevor Noah pans Betsy DeVos on 60 Minutes. Jordan Klepper blames 60 Minutes and its 'meticulously researched' gotcha questions.

"President Trump's housing secretary doesn't know anything about housing, his environmental chief doesn't think manmade climate change is a thing, and last night we learned that his secretary of education has a lot of learning to do," Trevor Noah said on Monday's Daily Show. He played part of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' awkward 60 Minutes interview, focusing on the part where DeVos admits to journalist Lesley Stahl that she has not intentionally visited underperforming schools to see what is going wrong. "You know the fact that she never 'intentionally' went to a bad school means she definitely walked into one by accident," Noah said. "I do feel bad for the next school she visits now, because they'll definitely know why she's there."

At The Opposition, Jordan Klepper was also disturbed by the interview, but for a different reason. "What really pisses me off is this gotcha journalism that 60 Minutes employs," he said. "If you're not familiar, 60 Minutes is a hidden-camera prank show where Lesley Stahl — their Ashton Kutcher — ambushes unsuspecting interviewees with a series of meticulously researched questions." DeVos was right to note that she is "misunderstood, like Dave Matthews lyrics or anything Matt Damon says about women," Klepper said. And "there are powerful forces out there working against DeVos, like the results of things she's done in the past."

The interview was a train wreck, he conceded, in part because "Stahl isn't just an ambush journalist, she's using Jedi mind tricks," and DeVos fell for them. He ended on-point, comparing the 60 Minutes interview with public schools. Watch below. Peter Weber