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CNN's Alisyn Camerota cleverly pressures God and Donald Trump author on how evangelicals can overlook the president's alleged treatment of women

CNN's Alisyn Camerota had her Bible quotes ready when she went into her interview with God and Donald Trump author Stephen Strang on Wednesday morning, pressing him on how some evangelicals can overlook Trump's personality in favor of his policies. "In order to receive forgiveness, don't you need to confess to your sins?" she asked. "Isn't that a tenet of the Bible? Don't you have to own up to these things? You know, Donald Trump famously said he's never asked God for forgiveness."

Strang dismissed such questions as being between Trump and God. "The issue for me," Strang said, "and for millions of evangelicals, is his policies. He supports the kinds of policies we think are important."

Camerota wasn't buying it. "Isn't that a little bit like saying, 'Gosh, I really like Harvey Weinstein's movies, so I'm going to overlook what I know to be true about Harvey Weinstein and I'm going to support him and give him money for his movies?'"

Strang said the situation with Trump is different, because the election came down to a decision between Trump and Hillary Clinton, whom Strang blasted for protecting her husband against his own accusers. Camerota wondered what Strang thought about the 15 women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment.

"It's not about those kinds of things," Strang insisted, explaining that "we prayed and God raised up a man that we didn't expect and that we didn't even like. But he has become our champion." Watch below. Jeva Lange