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Fox News guest speaks 'directly' to Trump during bizarre segment

If you want to have a word with the president, you don't necessarily have to go through Chief of Staff John Kelly first. Fox News guest Bassam Rifai demonstrated some clever resourcefulness Monday when he simply turned to look into the network's camera and said: "President Trump, I am speaking to you directly."

Trump is, by all appearances, an enthusiastic viewer of Fox News, with his fiery tweets often following segments on the network. Rifai, a member of the Syrian American Council, used his moment in the spotlight to advocate for military strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "Do not make the same mistakes that President Obama had made," Rifai said. He urged, "What we need to do right now is take out Assad's air force. If we ground all his air force, he won't have the capability to attack Syrians by the air anymore."

Trump has said he will decide within the next 24 to 48 hours how to respond to the chemical weapon attack in Syria that killed dozens over the weekend. Watch the strange Fox News moment below. Jeva Lange