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Late Night Tackles Alex Jones

The Opposition accuses Alex Jones of being a 'crisis actor,' pointedly tries to apologize

Misunderstood conspiracy-monger Alex Jones was in Washington, D.C., this week to talk about the defamation lawsuits piling up against him and his organization, InfoWars, and The Opposition sent Kobi Libii down to cover the event. Libii was not allowed into Jones' press conference, and that didn't strike him as the kind of thing the real Alex Jones would do to a fellow "citizen journalist." "And that's when I realized what the actual Alex Jones would think," Libii said. "Watching the livestream of the press conference, I'm absolutely certain that there's a decent possibility that this is a crisis actor playing Alex Jones."

Jones and his team have suggested that some of the mass school shootings were staged, and that victims of those shootings are "crisis actors," and so Libii confronted Jones to make sure he wasn't victim of such a prank. Or at least that was the premise — Jones, who is kind of aware of and annoyed at The Opposition, was having none of it. And after their second encounter, when Libii pointedly tried to apologize for accusing Jones of being a crisis actor, Jones ordered security to escort Libii from the hotel lobby. It wasn't very subtle, but Libii made his point. And subtlety isn't really Jones' thing, anyway. Watch below. Peter Weber