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Trevor Noah is really excited about Sean Hannity's new lawyer problem

Michael Cohen's lawyer reluctantly revealed in court on Monday that Cohen's mysterious third client, along with President Trump and GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy, was Sean Hannity. There was an audible gasp in the courtroom when Hannity's name was read, but on Monday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah said a quiet prayer of thanks. "It turns out, Michael Cohen's secret client was Sean Hannity — which, I'm sorry, is not a good look," he said. "You know right now Sean Hannity's probably on the phone with his wife, like, 'Hey honey, it's so weird how I used the guy who pays off mistresses to get me out of that parking ticket.'"

Hannity says he didn't have a formal legal relationship with Cohen, but reporting extensively on Cohen without mentioning their relationship is "pretty shady," Noah said, "even for Sean Hannity." Seriously, "even Instagram models have higher standards," he added. "And I'm not expecting him to aspire to the level of the Kardashians, but come on, Sean." If you go back and watch Hannity's coverage of the Cohen raid, knowing that he has skin in the game, "we can see that Hannity wasn't just mad, he was scared," Noah said, playing some clips.

He then turned to former FBI Director James Comey's big interview with ABC News. Noah wasn't impressed. Comey's paeans to America and truth sound like a Drake lyric, he said, but "when you're also throwing grade-school shade" about Trump's hair and hands, it "doesn't sound like an impartial lawman. That sounds like a guy who got fired from White Castle talking trash about his old boss. ... I'm the last person to tell anyone not to trash Trump, but I do think that being petty hurts Comey's credibility," Noah said, getting serious just a few minutes after talking trash about Hannity. "You can't take the high road and the low road at the same time." Watch below. Peter Weber