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sky's the limit

Uber just unveiled its first flying car prototypes

Uber already took over the roads, so now, it's taking to the skies.

The ride hailing company unveiled its first flying car prototypes Tuesday at its annual Uber Elevate Summit. The company hopes to achieve liftoff in two to five years, it said.

But don't call your new ride a helicopter. This drone-looking invention is a VTOL, or electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicle. They'll soar above cities and land on rooftops, eradicating stoplight-filled commutes, per Uber's Elevate page.

Eventually, Uber says VTOL transportation will be affordable — perhaps even cheaper than owning a car. It'll cut down on lost time and productivity, and Uber suggests it may also reduce the need for traditional roads and infrastructure.

Catch a glimpse of what the future will look like, if Uber gets its way, below. Kathryn Krawcyzk