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All 32 Chilean bishops just offered Pope Francis their resignation

Every single Chilean bishop in Rome has offered their resignation to the pope following a sexual abuse cover-up scandal in their country, the Catholic Herald reports. While it is not yet clear if Pope Francis will accept the 32 bishops' resignations, the move follows a three-day "crisis meeting" this week where he accused the bishops of destroying evidence of Father Fernando Karadima's sex crimes against children.

Pope Francis had previously defended Bishop Juan Barros, who allegedly covered up the abuse allegations against his mentor, Karadima. After the publication of a 2,300-page investigation and meeting with victims, the pope admitted he was wrong and that he had been "part of the problem."

The pope's decision regarding the resignations is expected in the coming weeks, Crux reports. "We have put our positions in the hands of the Holy Father and will leave it to him to decide freely for each of us," the Chilean bishops said in a statement.