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Trump-Kim Summit

China might deploy these wild espionage techniques at the U.S.-North Korea summit

Next week's U.S.-North Korea summit is supposed to be a closed-door meeting, but China may try to sneak a peek inside.

Beijing is expected to deploy crafty espionage techniques to listen in on the summit in Singapore, U.S. officials tell NBC News. Compromised cell phones, spies disguised as waiters, and bugged hotel key cards are not out of the question.

On a recent trip to China, the American delegation couldn't wear "friendship pins" from the Chinese because they were probably bugged. Another time, a U.S. official found a microphone inside his hotel keycard. Some senior officials pack secure belongings in carry-on bags and even take them out to dinner when traveling in China, per NBC.

So U.S. security experts are taking some precautions for this monumental meeting. They'll search for bugs in the Singapore hotel being used for the summit and may even install camera-blocking tents in conference rooms.

Cell phones may be the biggest threat, experts told NBC, seeing as President Trump regularly uses non-secure smartphones for phone calls and tweeting. Everyone is told to remove phone batteries because China has figured out how to penetrate phones even when they're switched off.

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