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Wendy's just savaged IHOP's ridiculous name change

Wendy's signature Twitter sass seemed dampened over the last few weeks, trading jabs at McDonald's for standard summery ads. But on Monday, the fast-food chain delivered, serving up this fierce response to IHOP's name change and new burger offerings:

Even without naming names, it's pretty obvious that this beef is about IHOP swapping its "P" for a "B" and becoming the International House of Burgers after a paid advertising stunt taken to the extreme. But Wendy's has no problem grilling a competitor's sandwich that costs nearly $12.

Fellow social media legend MoonPie — you know, everyone's favorite crispy marshmallow thing — praised Wendy's savagery and reassured the internet that its name was here to stay. Other brands who haven't quite racked up Wendy's clout also took advantage of the situation, which reminds us that @Steak_umm deserves more love, even if you aren't big on frozen beef sheets.

We probably won't hear from IHOb, as it appears far too busy consoling every Twitter user wondering if the pancakes are gone for good to respond to this Ultimate Burn™.