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2018 midterm elections

Some companies are already snapping up Democratic lobbyists in anticipation of a blue wave

Some companies are already preparing for a blue wave in November, hiring lobbyists with links to would-be Democratic committee chairs, Politico reports. "Clients are cautiously beginning to look and say, 'Do we need to do more with people who have House Democratic expertise?'" said one Democratic lobbyist, Steve Elmendorf. Another Democratic lobbyist said she has had conversations with certain companies already: "Some people are hiring now," she said. "The smart ones are hiring now."

A handful of companies and trade groups believe that by getting started early, they'll face less competition than they would later on if Democrats win back the chamber. Facebook, for example, has already hired Chris Randle, who has ties to Congressional Black Caucus member Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), and they are reportedly looking for another lobbyist with a link to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Others caution that it's too soon to make any moves: Democratic lobbyist John Raffaelli said, "It’s still more likely than not Republicans hold the House."