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Robin Wright has finally commented on Kevin Spacey's sexual misconduct allegations

Kevin Spacey's House of Cards co-star Robin Wright publicly commented on the sexual misconduct allegations against him for the first time Monday in a Today appearance discussing the show's upcoming season.

"I think we were all surprised of course, and ultimately saddened" by the accusations against Spacey, Wright said, but she added that she was not personally close to Spacey outside of work. "We were coworkers, really. Never socialized outside of work. Respectful, professional relationship," Wright explained. "I didn't know the man," she continued. "I knew the incredible craftsman that he is."

Wright said her own experience with Spacey was always professional, and that is all she feels she has "the right to talk about." Spacey has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple men, and eight House of Cards staffers said Spacey exhibited sexually "predatory" behavior on set. The sixth and final season of the show, filmed without Spacey, is due this fall.