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Watch these Fox hosts trash family bereavement leave while claiming they're 'not being insensitive'

New York state is trying to pass a bill guaranteeing paid leave to employees who've lost a relative, and these Fox Business Network hosts are positively peeved about it.

On Tuesday, Mornings with Maria host Maria Bartiromo was joined by Varney & Co.'s Stuart Varney to discuss a New York state bill that would amend its paid family leave legislation to include bereavement of a family member. The law already allows time off to bond with a newly born or adopted child, or to care for a sick relative. This new addition passed both houses of New York's legislature and is headed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's (D) desk.

As Varney passionately explained, "you get three months — three months!" to deal with a family member's death under the bill. He forgot to put "up to" in front of "three months," and took particular issue with the fact that "family" includes in-laws. "There's no pets in there — yet," Varney added.

Bartiromo and Varney went on to discuss how losing one employee could squeeze small businesses, especially because in 2018, businesses would have to pay employees 50 percent of their weekly wages while they're away. That could be up to $652.96 per week, per one estimate. But if a small business owner denies to offer the leave, "you could lose your job for your gross insensitivity," Varney sarcastically added. "I am not being insensitive, but it is freaking ridiculous!"

Watch the whole exchange below. Kathryn Krawczyk