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Fox & Friends interviews Kid Rock live and ends up having to apologize 3 times

It was just another typical Friday on Fox & Friends, as host Steve Doocy and the gang had to apologize repeatedly for comments a whiskey-drinking Kid Rock made about Joy Behar.

Doocy interviewed the musician live from his Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock & Roll Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee, but the interview went off the rails after Kid Rock concluded an impassioned monologue about the merits of tolerance and understanding by saying, "Screw that Joy Behar bitch," referring to the View co-host. A clearly befuddled Doocy chided Kid Rock, telling him, "no, no, no, you can't say that," proceeding to apologize to viewers on his behalf. "I mean lady," Kid Rock not-so-smoothly added while shaking his hand as to give the universal sign of "well, sort of."

"Listen, she's just got a different point of view than you do," Doocy said of Behar, in an attempt to get things back on track, a sentiment Kid Rock allowed. Doocy tried to get Kid Rock to back down, asking, "You apologize for that language, right?" Rock apologized for the language but "not the sentiment," leaving a visibly frustrated Doocy to add that the network apologizes "for both."

The atonement didn't stop there. Doocy tossed back to the New York studio, and host Ainsley Earhardt solemnly told viewers at home, "We do need to apologize. We don't feel that way about Joy Behar." Brian Kilmeade sounded pretty amused by the whole thing, though, observing, "I could see those two on Fox Nation every day!" Watch the disaster unfold before your eyes below. Brendan Morrow