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The FBI is partnering with an at-home DNA kit provider to help solve crimes

Good news: you can now discover your family ancestry and help the FBI crack violent crime cases at the same time!

Family Tree DNA, a private firm and genetic testing company, is allowing the FBI to use its genealogy databases, reports BuzzFeed News. The company is one of the largest at-home DNA testing kit providers and helps users trace their ancestry and find relatives.

The FBI has previously utilized public genealogy databases to help solve crimes, but the collaboration with Family Tree DNA is the first time a private company has consented to law enforcement accessing its database, per BuzzFeed.

The two groups began working together last year on a case-by-case basis, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed, and have since worked on fewer than 10 cases together. Now, FBI investigators have access to more than one million DNA profiles from the company. Despite privacy concerns, the company lauded its effort to aid law enforcement officials in solving cold cases "faster than ever."

Family Tree DNA Users have the option to opt out of familial matching, which would prevent the FBI from accessing their profiles and also prevent users from finding possible relatives through the service.