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super bowl LIII

2019 saw the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever

Several records were set during Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, and while some are worth celebrating, there are a few that the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams probably hope are broken next year.

The Patriots defeated the Rams 13-3, and with just 16 combined points, this set a record for the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history, ESPN reports. The last record was 21 combined points during Super Bowl VII in 1973, when the Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins 14-7. That was also the previous low for a winning team, until Sunday night.

The Rams tied the record low set by the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, when the team lost 24-3 to the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams have something else in common with that Miami team: they are the only ones to not score a touchdown during the big game.

With the Patriots' victory, quarterback Tom Brady won his sixth championship, setting the record for most Super Bowl wins by any NFL player. The Rams did manage to shatter a record set by the Patriots: punter Johnny Hekker kicked a 65-yard punt, the longest in Super Bowl history, breaking the record 64-yard punt completed by Ryan Allen in 2015, when the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX.