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BuzzFeed just published a print newspaper

Buzzfeed Newspaper.

Print is dead — long live print?

On Wednesday, BuzzFeed released its first (and, perhaps, only) print newspaper as a New York City exclusive, with editor-in-chief Ben Smith and CMO Ben Kaufman personally handing out copies in Union Square, Herald Square, and Penn Station. Judging from the cover of BuzzFeed's "Metro Edition," the news-magazine includes stories on internet phenomenon Momo, as well as streaming recommendations and a feature on cheap steak vs. expensive steak:

The decision to release a print publication was immediately skewered by BuzzFeed's former employees and others in media due to the company's highly-criticized layoffs of some 200 employees in January.

Print journalism has been in heavy decline over the past two decades, with The New York Times' CEO estimating in 2018 that its print products might last only another decade.