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Joe Biden reportedly kissed a Democratic candidate without her permission

A former Nevada Assemblywoman and onetime candidate for the state's lieutenant governor, Lucy Flores, said on Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden kissed her without permission while backstage at her campaign rally in 2014.

Writing about the experience for The Cut, Flores says Biden approached her from behind, put his hands on her shoulders, and kissed the back of her head. She called the incident "demeaning and disrespectful," and said it made her feel "powerless."

"I'm not suggesting that Biden broke any laws," wrote Flores, saying she decided to come forward with the story despite concern it would be dismissed as minor or politically motivated.

Biden has faced criticism for what some call inappropriate contact with women over the years. Biden, who is reportedly on the brink of announcing a run for president, did not comment on Flores' recollection.

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