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Trump reportedly flipped out when Hillary Clinton's brother wore his golf pants

President Trump and the Clinton family are like oil and water, but they do have a shared love: golf. Former President Bill Clinton has played with everyone from Tom Brady to Barack Obama to Tiger Woods, and his brother-in-law, Hugh Rodham, has also been known to play a round or two.

The problem, though, is when those worlds collide. In Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, a new book out this week, sportswriter Rick Reilly tells a story about the time Hillary Clinton got her younger brother, Hugh Rodham, a chance to play Winged Foot, an exclusive invitation-only club in New York. The problem was, Rodham apparently showed up wearing shorts, which are against the club's strict dress code. A desperate search for pants ensued, but since "Rodham is a man of large girth ... there weren't any pants in the pro shop that fit," Reilly writes.

A caddy was finally sent into the locker room to find someone "near Rodham's size." Trump's locker was spotted, and the caddy reportedly seized Trump's rain pants; Rodham preceded to play his round while wearing them.

Only, the story eventually got back to Trump, who "flips out," Reilly claims. "He makes Winged Foot buy him an entirely new rain suit. Clinton cooties." Read more about how golf explains Trump, and how flagrantly he reportedly cheats, by ordering Commander in Cheat here.