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Apple's rumored new product could keep you from ever losing anything again

Apple might have some interesting new products in its pipelines.

It's rumored that the company is working on combining the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into one app that can find, well, pretty much anything. 9to5Mac reported that Apple is developing a new product that can be attached to any object to allow it to be tracked through its new app. The device, similar to Tile and other tracking tags on the market, will be able to connect to your iCloud account, after which you can receive notifications when it gets far away from your phone, track its location, or make a sound in order to help you find it.

The new app will reportedly also come with a "lost mode," so that if you lose whatever your tracking tag is attached to, the tag can be read by any Apple device to see your contact information. Once it's found, you will reportedly receive a notification, allowing you to reclaim your lost item.

This new product and app may take advantage of the huge number of Apple products out in the world to "create a crowdsourced network" for finding lost things. Read more details from "people familiar with" Apple's new product at 9to5Mac.