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Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye reveals he is nonbinary

In an interview with Out, one fifth of Queer Eye's "Fab Five" revealed that he is not, in fact, a gay man.

Jonathan Van Ness, the Netflix show's grooming expert, told Out, "I'm nonbinary — I'm gender nonconforming," explaining that he doesn't identify solely with masculinity. "I feel like my feminine identity is what makes me the strongest," he said, listing idols like Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Aretha Franklin.

Asked about identifying with the label "nonbinary," Van Ness clarified that his identity is nothing new. While he grew up "wearing heels and wearing makeup and wearing skirts," he "just didn't know what the name was."

Van Ness also discussed his partnership with nail polish brand Essie for Pride month. "Any opportunity I have to break down stereotypes of the binary, I am down for it, I'm here for it," he said, speaking about partnering with a brand marketed mostly towards women. As for what the rest of us can do to celebrate Pride, Van Ness recommended a healthy dose of activism: "We really need to get this Equality Act passed."

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