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Trump's redesigned Air Force One looks an awful lot like his private campaign jet

President Trump's dream plane is pretty much the one he already has.

In an ABC News interview aired Thursday morning, Trump unveiled four potential redesigns for Air Force One that involve scrapping its iconic robin's egg blue. Or rather, he unveiled four barely distinguishable variations on the same red, white, and navy blue.

Trump has spent more than a year talking about scrapping the two Boeing 747's that make up Air Force One, the older of which has been in use since 1990. He unveiled a few details about those planes on Thursday, telling ABC News' George Stephanopolos that they'll also be 747's, but with "a much bigger wing span." An earlier contract with Boeing promised the planes would be ready for takeoff by 2021, but Trump corrected that estimate to 2024 — which would be at the end of his potential second term — and said that proves he's "doing that for other presidents, not for me."

Then again, why would Trump be in a hurry to get a plane that's pretty much a color-coordinated inverse of the jet he flew around in for his 2016 campaign? Kathryn Krawczyk