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Vive la résistance!

Trump will probably have to stare at the Trump baby balloon during his Fourth of July extravaganza

Perhaps this is why President Trump got tanks for his Fourth of July festival.

The National Parks Service has approved an anti-Trump group's request to fly the "baby Trump" balloon at the Washington Monument on the Fourth of July, per a permit issued Monday. That location will put the balloon within eyeshot of Trump on Thursday as he addresses onlookers during his Independence Day extravaganza, likely disturbing the military-celebrating pomp he has arranged at the nearby Lincoln Memorial.

The inflatable mockery has made appearances at protests both times Trump made overseas trips to London, though the president, who is known to tweet about anything that bothers him, hasn't ever mentioned it. Still, it has made appearances in a BBC studio, served as a constant favorite symbol among #resistance folks, and sent U.K. museums into a tizzy over who will get to eventually immortalize it.

Now, the Trump baby is returning to its roots, with an NPS permit saying the activist group Code Pink can fly the balloon "to show opposition to a political event called by the president on July 4th." In other words, the resistance has clearly triumphed.