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Someone made a font out of gerrymandered congressional districts

A font made out of Gerrymandered districts.

Congressional districts have a reputation for being downright ridiculous.

North Carolina's 12th district resembled a severely broken snake until it was revamped in 2017. Pretty much all of Maryland's districts defy comparison to anything but abstract art. And then there are a few dozen districts that look like letters in the alphabet — so much so that an anonymous gerrymandering fighter turned them into a font.

A few of the letters in the Ugly Gerry typeface are a combination of side-by-side districts, while New York's 8th District is turned on its head to be both the "M" and "W" in the alphabet. But most of the districts don't even require much squinting to resemble letters, which are all downloadable in one file on UglyGerry.com.

The creator of the Ugly Gerry typeface doesn't identify themself (or themselves) on the Ugly Gerry website or Twitter feed. But they did blatantly call out the congressmembers representing those districts in tweets of each letter, and call on readers to "use the font to tell Congress how happy you are that your vote doesn't matter."