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holiday spirit

It appears the 'holiday rush' is responsible for delaying Trump's China tariffs

Think of the tariffs as a New Year's resolution.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced Tuesday that a 10 percent tariff floated by the president on Twitter earlier this month and scheduled for Sept. 1 for nearly $300 billion in goods imported from China will be delayed for certain products until Dec. 15.

Among the articles that will have a chance to breathe are cell phones, laptop computers, computer monitors, video game consoles, certain toys, and certain items of footwear and clothing. Those all could fall under the description of "holiday gifts," which has analysts making the case that the White House is waiting for the winter rush to pass before really diving into protectionism. Other goods will be subject to the tariff on Sept. 1, as planned.

The announcement has also drawn some eye rolls since it appears to contradict President Trump's message that China, not U.S. companies and, subsequently, consumers would be footing the bill for the tariffs.

The U.S. and China are mired in a trade war, which both sides maintain they hope to settle before too long.