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Trevor Noah neatly ties together Tucker Carlson's 'surprise vacation' and Chris Cuomo's 'Fredo' fight

Even President Trump has acknowledged the rising threat of white supremacy, but "there is one person who still isn't convinced: Fox New anchor and concerned face drawn on a balloon Tucker Carlson," Trevor Noah said on Tuesday's Daily Show. He didn't find Carlson's "hoax" argument persuasive: "White supremacists aren't a threat because they can only fill a college football stadium? My man, those stadiums hold 100,000 people."

"Tucker Carlson only gives white terrorists this pass," Noah noted. "After 9/11, he wasn't like: 'Al Qaeda? Please! What was it, like 19 people? ... Call me when they can sell out a Knicks game.'" He showed some other "threats" Carlson has touted on his show, like feminist scientists and the metric system. But "soft-pedaling white supremacy" apparently cost Carlson three big advertisers, Noah said, "and something tells me his bosses at Fox News didn't like what he said, because the very next day," he announced a surprise fishing vacation.

Maybe the timing was just a coincidence, "but it does seem to happen a lot over at Fox," Noah said. "Almost everyone on Fox has had to go on a surprise vacation after saying something controversial, but there's one vacation on Fox that is the greatest of all time." He assumed a mafioso voice to discuss Bill O'Reilly's never-ending holiday: "Yeah, let's just say O'Reilly's gonna be goin' on a permanent vacation. I'm Chris Cuomo, thanks for watching CNN."

CNN hasn't sent Cuomo on vacation after he threatened a guy who called him "Fredo," Noah said, showing video of the incident. "Cuomo was clearly pissed off because he feels like when this guy called him 'Fredo,' it's a negative Italian stereotype. What's funny to me, though, was that his reaction that he chose also seemed like a negative Italian stereotype." Some people are saying "Fredo" is "a reference to the dumb brother in The Godfather," Noah said, "but some are also saying it's an ethnic slur. In fact, Cuomo himself claimed it's like calling an Italian person 'the N-word.' So to find out if that's true, we're joined by Roy Wood Jr." It was a very short bit. Watch below. Peter Weber