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clinton on the brain

Fox News' Sean Hannity has mentioned Hillary Clinton on 86 percent of his shows since Trump's inauguration

Sean Hannity's Hillary Clinton obsession is still going strong.

The Fox News host started throwing around Clinton conspiracies long before President Trump took office, but Trump's inauguration didn't slow him down. In fact, Hannity has mentioned Clinton in 505 of the 587 episodes he's hosted from the inauguration until the end of August, and his guests have only added to the total, Media Matters reports via Hannity transcripts.

Altogether, Hannity himself has mentioned Clinton in 86 percent of his show's episodes since Trump's inauguration. And in 31 episodes where Hannity didn't mention Clinton, one of his guests did. Altogether, those 536 Clinton-including episodes make up 91 percent of Hannity's Trump-era shows.

Hannity's Clinton mentions don't seem to drop the further we get from the election, Media Matters' analysis also shows. His lowest portion of namedrops — 39 percent — came in April 2017, just three months after Trump's inauguration. They soon rose with the advent of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as Hannity continued to declare that Clinton should be investigated instead of Trump, and have only shown a few small dips since then.

It's all a little bit ironic because, as Media Matters points out, Hannity deemed his show the "stop Hillary express" before Trump was elected, but hasn't stopped using her name since. Find more Hannity statistics at Media Matters.