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Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell celebrate the songs of Disney in mostly chronological order

The streaming service Disney+ went live on Tuesday, complete with technical issues, a little controversy, and formatting pains. Some people likely celebrated by binge-watching old Disney classics, but Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell went a different route, singing a five-minute medley of Disney songs on Tuesday's Tonight Show.

The medley roughly follows the release dates of Disney's classic animated films, starting back with 1940's Pinocchio. Fallon and Bell perked up a bit when the songs hit Disney's '90s revival era, and the timeline got complicated with movies like The Lion King, released twice with many of the same songs, and the Pixar movies from before Disney's 2006 acquisition of the animation studio. Bell herself sang the role of Anna in Frozen, and yes, the hit song from that movie also makes the cut in the medley. But there are enough catchy tunes you may not be doomed to have that one stuck in your head after the singing is over.

If classic animation is not your thing, The Week's Jeva Lange has some other picks from Disney+ for your consideration.