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Deval Patrick describes his Democratic presidential run as 'a Hail Mary from two stadiums over'

It's official: At least one more candidate is making a last-minute entrance into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, though he acknowledges a tough road ahead.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced Thursday he's running for president, jumping into a crowded Democratic field with less than three months to go until the Iowa caucuses.

Patrick in his announcement video said that "I admire and respect the candidates in the Democratic field," but "if the character of the candidates is an issue in every election, this time is about the character of the country." He adds, "This won't be easy, and it shouldn't be."

The former governor also told The Boston Globe that "I recognize running for president is a Hail Mary under any circumstances," but "this is a Hail Mary from two stadiums over." Patrick, who says he spoke with former President Obama ahead of his announcement, is set to file for the New Hampshire primary on Thursday.

The New York Times reports that Patrick has "received encouragement from some in the party who believe the race remains unsettled" and that he has told advisers he aims for a campaign similar to Obama's in 2008, "focusing more on bringing people together and healing the country than making a particular ideological case."

This might not be the last late entry into the Democratic race, with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg eying a run.