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Late Night Tackles Trump versus the World

Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah laugh, wince at Trump's NATO summit antics

President Trump is in London, "mixing it up with other world leaders at the NATO summit," and also Queen Elizabeth II, Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. "You know how you're not supposed to walk in front of the queen — it's like a rule? Well, for once, Donald Trump tried to be courteous," and he couldn't quite pull it off.

When "asked today about another member of the royal family," Prince Andrew, under fire for ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Trump claimed he "doesn't know him," Kimmel said, showing some of the ample photographic evidence of them hanging out. "These guys have taken more photos together than most cousins, but he doesn't know him. Does he think we don't have Google? And by the way, he does this all the time. No one has 'never met' more people than Donald Trump."

Kimmel also touched on Trump's tense meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, odd defense of NATO, and shrug at North Korea's new threats, plus the new revelations about Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and other Trump allies in the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment report. "Trump is getting angrier by the day, he's especially unhappy with the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff," Kimmel said, playing Trump's comments at the NATO summit. "So just to recap: Adam Schiff, maniac, deranged sick man; Kim Jong Un, good friend, great guy."

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah also found Trump's defense of NATO strange, given his past criticism. "NATO is 'old, fat, and sloppy?' Why is it that every insult Trump uses against others always seems to really be about himself?" Mostly, Noah focused on Trump's feud with Macron, from the "brain dead" fight to the new trade war. "In response to France announcing taxes on American tech companies, Trump is now threatening to tax all the most clichéd French goods, like wine, cheese, and handbag," Noah said. "He was probably also going to tax French fries and mistresses, but that hit too close to home." Watch below. Peter Weber