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Amy Klobuchar looks to Nevada caucuses with TV ad buy

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is ready for the next step of her 2020 campaign.

Polls hadn't even closed in New Hampshire's Tuesday primaries when Klobuchar's campaign turned its sights on the next caucuses in Nevada. The campaign purchased $184,000 worth of ads in the Las Vegas and Reno markets in the state, political ad tracking site Medium Buying reported Tuesday.

This purchase marks Klobuchar's first TV ad buy in the state, whose caucuses are happening Feb. 22. The moderate candidate failed to capture much momentum until Iowa's bungled caucuses and Friday's Democratic debate brought a surge of good news. Klobuchar was one of only five candidates to earn delegates in the first caucus — though she earned only one, putting her at the bottom of the pile.

Friday's final debate before the New Hampshire primaries helped Klobuchar catch a bit of wind as well. ABC News analysts declared her performance a "breakthrough" as she joined other candidates in trashing former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And seeing as ABC News' Tuesday exit polls in New Hampshire revealed a shocking 48 percent of Democratic voters had only decided on a candidate in the past few days, and that 48 percent said the debate influenced that choice, Klobuchar just might end up with a surprising showing once the results come in.