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Biden isn't fazed after New Hampshire because '99.9 percent' of black voters haven't had their say yet

Former Vice President Joe Biden would like to remind you just how white Iowa and New Hampshire are.

Before the polls had even closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Biden had already left the early primary state for South Carolina. That's where, even after results showed him in a distant fifth place in New Hampshire, Biden declared he's far from done with his 2020 run.

While "it's important" to hear from the first two states in the Democratic primary schedule, Biden declared "we haven't heard from the most committed constituency of the Democratic Party — the African American community" and "fastest growing segment of society — the Latino community." "99.9 percent" of black voters "have not yet had the chance to vote in America," Biden said, and neither did "99.8 percent" of Latinx voters. And a Democrat can't win the general election "unless you have overwhelming support from black and brown voters," Biden added.

Biden's point reflects an argument former candidate Julián Castro made late last year: That the first two states in the Democratic nomination schedule, Iowa and New Hampshire, are far whiter than the rest of the U.S. as a whole.