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Late Night Tackles Trump and his swamp

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel find 1 small step between 'drunk with power' Trump and 'a banana republic'

"Today was the New Hampshire primary, so after a year of campaigning, we only have nine months to go," Stephen Colbert sighed on Tuesday's Late Show. "On the eve of the Democratic primary, President Trump held a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, because he couldn't stand the idea of other people getting any attention." Among other odd remarks, "Trump took time to tell the people of nearby Concord how much he loves Concord," only he gushed about the Concord in neighboring Massachusetts, and he delivered a "weird" and "creepy" introduction for his daughter Ivanka.

"You know, sometimes you feel like Donald Trump is corrupting all of the democratic institutions that we hold dear," Colbert said. "Well, I've got some good news for you: You're not crazy to feel that way." The latest case involves Trump crony Roger Stone. The seven felonies for which Stone was convicted last year carry a maximum sentence of 50 years, but prosecutors recommended 7-9 years, and "even that lighter sentence sit well with Stone's old pal Donald Trump," who tweeted it was a "miscarriage of justice!" he said "Then by some impossible coincidence — how could it be? — it was then announced that the Justice Department will take the extraordinary step of lowering the recommended prison time for Roger Stone."

"So Donald Trump and his attorney general are using the Justice Department to go easy on his cronies," Colbert said. "The only difference between this and a banana republic is that Trump does not eat fruit." Later, "Trump insisted he didn't make any special requests," he said but "in response to Trump's carriage of misjustice, all four of Roger Stone's prosecutors have resigned."

"Trump is absolutely drunk with power right now," Jimmy Kimmel agreed at Kimmel Live. The Justice Department's sudden decision to slash their sentence request for Stone "is appalling, even by Trump's standards," he added. "Trump tweets, all of a sudden his attorney general's like, 'Hey, you know what? Instead of seven to nine years, why don't we make that no years? Wouldn't that be better?' All four federal prosecutors today who worked on this case resigned in protest," but Trump is also getting away with blatant retaliation against people who obeyed lawful subpoenas and testified in his impeachment hearings, Kimmel noted. He spoke with sacked EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland (Jeff Ross) in a secure, disclosed location. Watch below. Peter Weber