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Late Night Tackles 2020 Democrats

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah take stock of the post-New Hampshire Democratic race, Yang's big idea

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, with former Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming in a close second, Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show. "During his speech, Mayor Pete gave Bernie a bit of a backhanded compliment," though "it is true: Pete did actually admire Bernie in high school. He even wrote an essay about him that won what's called the Profile in Courage Essay Contest. Profiles in Courage, of course, was written by JFK, who also wrote a high school essay about looking up to Bernie Sanders."

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) came in a strong third, and "New Hampshire also had some winners who won less than the actual winners," Colbert said. He impersonated Sen. Elizabeth Warren's dog placing her election party order and reimagined Joe Biden's panicked staff quotes as a Civil War letter home. "Last night was also the end of the Fury Road for some candidates," including Sen. Michael Bennet (Colo.) — "this was shocking to all the voters who had no idea he dropped into the presidential race" — former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and Andrew Yang, Colbert said. "Yang's now out of a job. You know what he could use? $1,000 a month."

"For some reason," President Trump was also asked to weigh in on the Democratic race Wednesday, and he said Sanders seems to be the frontrunner in part because "people like his message," Colbert said. He played "Bernie's message" — let's defeat Trump — and laughed: "He's right: A lot of people do like his message."

The Daily Show's Ronny Chiang was "a little sad" Yang dropped out, but he still went to check how Yang's $1,000-a-month pilot program worked with a "lucky" family he tested it on.

"Last night may have been the best night for Bernie Sanders since he won that free cruise on Noah's Ark, but New Hampshire's biggest surprise was Amy Klobuchar," Trevor Noah said at The Daily Show. Biden, on the other hand, left New Hampshire before the polls even closed, flying to South Carolina, where he leaned into his support among African Americans. "That's right, Joe Biden's campaign has basically become a Medea movie: If black people don't turn up, it's toast," Noah said. He saw Biden's point, though, and compared lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire shaping the Democratic race to a buffet where white people pick the menu. Watch below. Peter Weber