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the yang gang rides again

Andrew Yang asks his gang to support Democrats everywhere in DNC email blast

Andrew Yang has a new mission.

The Democrat and entrepreneur may have dropped out of the presidential race after primary votes closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday, but he's still all in for Democrats. He sent an email on behalf of the Democratic National Committee soliciting donations on Thursday — a slightly unexpected move for the man who was a bit of an outlier in the 2020 field.

In his email, Yang acknowledged the "enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment" he'd seen from backers throughout his campaign, and said the support of his "Yang Gang" showed the issues he stood for "are real and urgent." But while "the numbers did not add up for me to win this race," Yang still says he is "going to fight to make sure Democrats win in every corner of our country this year." He closed his email by asking for donations to the DNC's "Unity Fund" that will "help elect Democrats from the bottom of the ticket to the top."

Yang was known for bringing in a rare crowds of supporters to follow his campaign, including those who'd supported both Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and President Trump in 2016. So the DNC is probably hoping he'll work his Yang Gang magic on the rest of this fall's races as well.