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Hillary Clinton is starting a Howard Stern-inspired podcast

Is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about to pivot to phony phone calls?

Well, not exactly, but she is set to start her own podcast that will apparently be influenced by The Howard Stern Show, Politico reports. Clinton sat down for an interview with Stern in December, and this experience, in addition on her appearance on Conan O'Brien's podcast, reportedly inspired her upcoming show. A source told Politico the podcast will not only involve Clinton interviewing guests, but also "ranting and raving about news of the day."

In fact, Clinton's team is reportedly "experimenting with using a Stern-inspired ensemble plucked from the larger universe of Hillaryland to help loosen her up" on the podcast, and they're even searching for a "Robin Quivers-like sidekick" for her. At that point, all she'll need is her own Baba Booey.

"Stern has a cast of characters," the source told Politico. "So could you have some people on the show in her orbit who are interesting but not necessarily guest-worthy? And then hopefully there’s some irreverence involved."

Presumably, the comparisons to The Howard Stern Show only go so far for Clinton's team. If not, there are sure to be tons of shocked podcast listeners when the Clinton show drops this spring.