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Stephen Colbert airs a 2016 duet with John Prine he'd kept in reserve in case 'we have to cheer up the world'

John Prine's family revealed Sunday that the songwriting legend has been hospitalized and put on a ventilator with COVID-19 symptoms. Stephen Colbert sent his thoughts to Prine and his family on Tuesday's Late Show. "And I'd like to share with you right now one of the happiest moments I've had on my show — or any show — and that's when John and I sang a duet back in 2016 that we never broadcast."

On stage with Prine — back when handshakes were a safe form of greeting — Colbert explained "we'll probably do this for the internet, unless, you know, something terrible happens and we have to cheer up the world on the TV show." That time is now, apparently. Watch them sing "That's the Way the World Goes Round" below. Peter Weber