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Travis Scott's 'virtual concert' was the biggest Fortnite event ever

Epic Games announced Friday that Travis Scott's "virtual concert" on Fortnite drew 12.3 million concurrent players, a massive new record, ESPN reports. Previously the biggest event of the game had been a Marshmello virtual concert in 2019, which was attended by 10.7 million concurrent players.

"During the opening song a giant Scott stomped around the island, while players could run across the water to catch a glimpse," reported The Verge of Thursday night's event. "As the tracks changed, so did the visuals." Polygon called the concert "tremendous," adding that it "blew [the Marshmello show] out of the water."

Scott was overwhelmed by the raves, tweeting that "honestly today was one of the most inspiring days," although his own participation was cut short by his 2-year-old daughter, Stormi, who adorably interrupted his livestream with a request for a movie. No worries, dad — Fortnite will be replaying the event over again on Friday night, with three more concerts scheduled for Saturday.