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Pence staffer who tested positive for coronavirus is Stephen Miller's wife

The staffer of Vice President Mike Pence who tested positive for coronavirus is apparently his press secretary and the wife of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

Reports emerged on Friday that a member of Pence's staff had tested positive for COVID-19, creating a delay in his flight to Iowa amid concern over who may have been exposed. Later in the day, Trump said the staffer is a "press person" named Katie.

Politico reported he was referring to Katie Miller, Pence's press secretary and the wife of Stephen Miller. This report noted this raises the risk that "a large swath of the West Wing's senior aides may also have been exposed." She confirmed her positive diagnosis to NBC News, saying she does not have symptoms.

Trump spilled the beans to reporters, saying Katie Miller "hasn't come into contact with me" but has "spent some time with the vice president." This news comes one day after a personal valet to Trump tested positive for COVID-19, which reportedly made the president "lava level mad." Pence and Trump are being tested for COVID-19 every day.

Asked Friday if he's concerned about the potential spread of coronavirus in the White House, Trump said "I'm not worried, no," adding that "we've taken very strong precautions."