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A QAnon-supporting candidate who suggested she'll shoot 'antifa terrorists' is likely heading to Congress

A GOP congressional candidate who threatened "antifa terrorists" with an AR-15 will likely head to Capitol Hill this fall.

Marjorie Greene is an open supporter of the far-right conspiracy QAnon, and saw her gun-toting ad taken down by Facebook last week. But that didn't stop Greene from topping the Republican primary in northern Georgia's 14th congressional district by 20 percent on Tuesday, setting her up to coast to Washington, D.C. this fall.

In the video Greene posted on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube last week, she stands holding an AR-15 while noting that "President Trump declared antifa a domestic terrorist organization." "I have a message for antifa," Greene continues before cocking her gun. "Stay the hell out of northwest Georgia." Facebook removed the video last week for promoting firearm use, but she posted the ad again on Tuesday and at least 40,000 people ended up seeing it.

Greene is also known for supporting QAnon, the fringe conspiracy that purports Trump is fighting off deep state liberal forces who secretly control the government, among other things. Right-wing GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) have all endorsed Greene.

Georgia's 14th district is one of the reddest areas in the country, and The Cook Political Report is predicting it'll elect a Republican by 27 points. Greene and John Cowan, who got 19.8 percent of the vote on Tuesday, will advance to a runoff for the GOP nomination in August.