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The Late Show's Melania Trump tells Stephen Colbert what's true, false, salty in a new unauthorized biography

"Former National Security Adviser John Bolton's book is getting so much attention that I haven't even gotten to mention another controversial new book about another one of the president's adversaries, Melania Trump," Stephen Colbert joked on Monday's Late Show. Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan has written an unauthorized biography of the first lady, The Art of Her Deal, and it's "making headlines for some bold revelations," like that Melania stayed in New York after her husband's inauguration as leverage to renegotiate their prenup.

"The book also claims that, with Melania absent, Ivanka Trump moved to grab as much power as she could, and even suggested renaming the First Lady's Office to the First Family's Office," Colbert said. "Also, renaming the Library of Congress 'Ivanka's Book Club.'" He suggested things "seem a little tense" between the first couple, pointing to the president apparently urging the first lady to smile at a recent joint appearance. "Wow, if looks could kill, the Secret Service would have wrestled her to the ground," Colbert said. "Of course, whenever one of these unauthorized books is released, it's impossible to know how much is true. So here to tell us how much is true," Melania Trump.

The Late Show's Melania, Laura Benanti, explained that you shouldn't believe what you read in the biography: "This book makes me out to be a ruthless, coldhearted manipulator who will stop at nothing to get what I want. But it's also full of lies!" She coined a new nickname for Ivanka, explained her negotiating technique with her husband, passed down some Slovenian wisdom, and practiced smiling. And when Colbert asked what she thought of her husband's "performance in Tulsa on Saturday night," Benanti's Melania got a little salty. Watch below. Peter Weber