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'completely unacceptable'

Joss Whedon accused of 'abusive' and 'unprofessional' behavior by Justice League star Ray Fisher

One of the stars of Justice League has called out Joss Whedon for alleged abusive behavior on set.

Ray Fisher, who starred as Cyborg in 2017's Justice League, in a tweet on Wednesday alleged that Whedon, who directed reshoots, mistreated the cast and crew during the film's production. Whedon's on-set behavior was "gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable," Fisher said. The actor wasn't done naming names, though, as he also accused producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of having "enabled" Whedon.

Fisher didn't provide further details about Whedon's alleged bad behavior. But he similarly criticized the director in a tweet earlier this week, posting an old clip of himself at Comic-Con praising Whedon as a "great guy" and "good person" to finish the DC film after Zack Snyder stepped away as its director.

"I'd like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement," Fisher wrote.